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Services Provided

Opinions and advice on:

  • Core tax issues
  • Tax investigations and disputes
  • Administrative law issues
  • Professional negligence disputes and litigation
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Criminal law issues 
  • General civil litigation

Representation and advice in disputes and litigation at all stages and levels:

  • From government department investigations and the pre-litigation aspects of disputes, through to all aspects of litigation
  • My litigation experience is extensive and ranges from administrative tribunals to the highest appellate courts

Reviews and assessments of organisational legal strutures

Training and presentations on tax disputes and administrative law issues

Contact Details

Stout Street Chambers
6th floor
Huddart Parker Building
1 Post Office Square
Wellington 6140

PO Box 117
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Mb: 027-438-1604

Email:[email protected]
Chambers: www.stoutstreet.co.nz